About us

Coalition 27 was established by civil society organizations in 2014 with the aim of monitoring and contributing to the process of harmonization and implementation of the policies and regulations of the Republic of Serbia with the EU acquis in the field of environment and climate change (Chapter 27 in the EU accession negotiations).

Coalition 27 advocates and encourages public participation in the Republic of Serbia’s accession negotiations with the European Union and proposes solutions that will contribute to the protection and improvement of the environment and the quality of life of citizens.

Koalicija 27 Republika Srbija

Our activities

Coalition 27 publishes the annual ‘Shadow Report’, which follows the publication of the European Commission Report. The Shadow Report provides an overview of the achievements of the Republic of Serbia in the areas of Chapter 27, Environment and Climate Change and provides recommendations on how to improve existing processes. The report is made public and sent to the relevant national and European institutions.

Coalition 27 prepares contributions twice a year for the European Commission’s Annual Report on Serbia (Enlargement Report).

Koalicija 27 Republika Srbija

The values we stand for

Our members

The organizations joined in Coalition 27 are: Belgrade Open School, Bird protection and study society of Serbia, Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, Environment Improvement Centre, Environmental Engineering Group, One Degree Serbia, Safer Chemicals alternative, Young Researchers of Serbia and the World Organization for Nature (WWF).

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